Google helps developers speed up their web apps with the new Speed Tracer

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Google Speed Tracer

Recently, Google has been trying to do everything it can to speed up the internet for its users. We can add one more thing to that list now with Speed Tracer for the Google Web Toolkit. Speed Tracer comes in the form of one of the new Google Chrome extensions. In fact, you can download it here, if you have Google Chrome.

Speed Tracer allows web app developers to see how sluggish or speedy their apps are when they are in use. Simple things like mouse movement or clicks, all the way to parsing of the HTML are logged by Speed Tracer in a simple graph. If points in the graph are high, your app is starting to act sluggish; if they are low, its speedy.

All developers need to do to use this is click the icon in the top-right corner and then go about testing their web-app. Then, when they are done, they can go back to the graph and see how it did. Speed Tracer also tries to help you determine what is slowing down by giving hints. Hints come in three colors: green, yellow, and red. They work just like a traffic light.

Speed Tracer will hopefully make web-apps even more efficient so we can have even lower load times then we already do.

Download [Speed Tracer] Via [Google]

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