Rumor: Google Nexus One to be available on January 5, 2010

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Honestly there is not much on this latest bit to surface in regards to the Nexus One, but Reuters is reporting that the Nexus One will be available for anyone and everyone to purchase “directly though the Google website as early as January 5.” Of course, this is being credited to a “source” with nothing else to really give us a clue as to how reliable that source may or may not be. Anyway, to further add to that it was also noted that the Nexus One will also be sold for a “reduced price” to T-Mobile customers here in the US. That said, neither the regular or reduced price has been hinted at just yet. My guess, would be $199 and $399 for the reduced and regular price respectively. But that is just offering a comparison of the original G1 launch as compared to the developers handset that Google offered to developers. Thankfully January 5 is just a few weeks away.

Read [Reuters] Image Via [Engadget]

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