LaCie launches “most compact” 2.5 inch external drive

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LaCia Rikiki

The amount of storage available on laptop-sized 2.5 inch drives seem to be continually increasing to almost ridiculous amounts given the size. With those increases in storage we’ve also seen a great decrease in the cost per gigabyte. The only way to really go anywhere in the external drive market with these drives is to make the storage size the least important factor.

That’s what LaCie is doing with its new Rikiki drives. The drives lay claim to being the most compact on the market. The drives are only 110 mm long, and 13.5 mm tall, covered entirely with brushed aluminum. The drives come complete with USB Boost software to make them 33% faster on Windows computers, as well as simple backup software. The Rikiki starts at 250 GB of storage for $75, which isn’t a bad price by any means.

The new LaCie drives do look nice, and won’t attract fingerprints like the Western Digital Passport, another popular 2.5 inch external. However, with the small size and brushed aluminum, you could be sacrificing storage space for the price. It is all a personal choice, but a WD drive can run $80 for 320 GB, 70 GB more for only $5 more. That doesn’t make the LaCie any less desirable, though. For a nice looking drive that can easily be thrown into a bag, requires only a USB connection and can store more data than an average netbook, $75 is not a bad asking price. Of course, the Rikiki does go up to 640 GB, which will double the price to $150, or a median of 500 GB for $110, all with the same compact size.

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  • SergioAM

    Whoa, that black steel looks very sexy o.o And I wouldn't mind staking a few of those up :ID