All signs point to WebOS coming to Verizon soon

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Verizon Palm and WebOS training

A while ago we’ve heard that Verizon is planning on getting the Palm Pre in early 2010. On Monday we saw a Palm Pixi moving through the FCC with Verizon specs. Now we’re seeing even more signs that Verizon will soon be seeing some sort of WebOS phone sometime in the coming month or two.

The new evidence comes from a Verizon training course. The course will teach Verizon employees about Palm and its WebOS. Not sure what the course entails, though it apparently takes about 20 minutes. There can’t be that much information about Palm and WebOS, but when do these sorts of courses take as long as they say they will? Still, any new developments on Verizon getting the Pre of Pixi is always good news.

The only question now is how well will the Pixi and Pre stand up against phones like the Droid and Droid Eris. Unless Verizon offers the phones at lower prices than Sprint does now, at least the Eris seems like the way to go for a Verizon smartphone. That is, of course, assuming you don’t just want PalmOS over Android. Maybe Palm will have some sort of new feature to tout on the Verizon versions, or it could just be a bit slow given how fast Android has risen up in the past year.

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