Google adds Google Earth and Maps integration to Audi A8

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Ever since I saw the Transporter, I’ve wanted to own an Audi A8. My bank account doesn’t yet match my aspirations, but I’m going to have to remedy that quickly so I can take advantage of the new Google Latitude and Maps integration added into the Audi A8.

The Audi A8 dashboard now features Google Earth, meaning Audi drivers are the first to get 3D satellite imagery in their car. Google Earth, which has half-a-billion downloads on desktops, will also provide terrain information and layers of information like Panoramio images and Wikipedia articles. Imagine parking near a cape in Portugal and then seeing a Wikipedia article discuss the historic events that took place there or the famous establishments nearby. Pretty sweet.

Drivers can also take advantage of Google Maps services by sending business listings to the phone or performing live searches from the car. Users can search for a location on their desktop and then send the information to their car, which quickly reads the data and provides navigation to the address. Along the way, Google Maps can search for other points of interest.

An Audi A8 starts at $75,000, meaning I’m still a long way from being able to afford my favorite car and enjoy these Google services. However, I’m hoping that this is just the first stage of Google integration with more automobiles. I’d love to have this work in more affordable vehicles or sold as an installable dash unit.


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