Amazon set to release Kindle app for BlackBerry

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Kindle Amazon appears to be close to releasing their long awaited Kindle app for the BlackBerry smartphone. The Kindle page on their site now lists the app as “Coming Soon.” Kindle fans already have a PC app and the very popular iPhone/iPod Touch app to choose from, and a version for Macs is also coming soon.

As an owner of a Kindle and a BlackBerry, I am very much looking forward to the release of the app. I have the iPod Touch version and while I wouldn’t recommend it for extended reading sessions (too hard on the eyes) it’s great for getting a little reading in while on the road The one drawback the Kindle apps have is that you can only read your books with them. Blogs, magazines, and newspapers are confined to the Kindle device itself.

Allowing Kindle books to be read on more and more devices is a smart decision by Amazon and should help keep the Kindle on the top of the heap. There are a lot of new e-readers coming out in 2010 but so far, no Kindle killers.

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