Verizon geared up for iPhone

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Verizon's iPhone With AT&T’s contract with Apple ending in 2010, the question on everyone’s mind is, Who get’s the iPhone next? Will it be another grueling few years on AT&T’s shady and unreliable service, or Verizon, the consumer choice in just about all cities?

Well apparently Verizon thinks it has the better shot at getting the rights to the iPhone this year. Verizon Wireless’ Chief Technology Officer, Anthony Melone, made a statement to Business Weekly saying, “We have put things in place already. We are prepared to support that traffic.” The traffic, of course, referring to the flood of iPhone users that will switch from AT&T in a heartbeat.

If Apple is smart, they will go with Verizon. AT&T has caused too many problems by limiting the features of the iPhone (ahem, wheres tethering?). And now that Verizon is boosting their service just for the phone, consumers will be more confident in making the plunge for the iPhone knowing that they will be able to use it for its main function, a phone.

The only question that remains is: What will happen to AT&T after their beloved iPhone leaves?

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  • Peter Esposito

    Good I hope at&t goes right to hades after they lose the iphone. Their antitrust monopolistic ways should earn them an old fashioned beating….
    I had at&t and the service is crap, I can't wait to see them fail and dwindle and die, I really hope verizon or sprint gets the iphone next…