Google misses the boat on multitouch for Nexus One

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Nexus One The Nexus One has been all over the news lately with the leaked photos and such by Google employees. And all the things we have learned so far, have been mostly positive. Very thin, Android 2.1, iPhone killer, etc etc… But what we really haven’t heard is any downsides to this new phone. And I mean, what Google employee would really release any info that would downsize the phones reception so far. Well tnkgrl Mobile doesn’t seem bound to that creed.

The first semi-bad thing we have learned is that the browser and Google Maps on the Nexus One does not support multitouch. So no pinch zoom or anything else like it. The good side though, is that we haven’t heard anything that tells us that OS and other hardware aren’t multitouch capable. So there is an upside to still.

This “con” to the Nexus One is also seen in Verizon’s Droid and that is a relatively popular phone so I can still see a pretty big light at the end of the tunnel. I guess we will have to wait two or three more weeks before we can try this out on our own. Oh, and apparently, it is a very fast phone as tnkgrl mentions it quite a few times in her blog.

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