Still possible to root newly updated Nooks

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Nook Update

For those of you think they can’t update your Nook because you have rooted it, you’re in luck. You can update your nook and it will still be rooted according to the NookDevs team. As another bonus, 1.1 Nooks can still be rooted.

Also, NookDevs sat down with Nookaholic for an interview and they shared a few details on the Nook’s hardware. Nook’s Android build is called “Bravo” and is basically Android 1.5 except for a small tweaking to the WiFi to keep it from shutting off every three hours.

It seems they aren’t taking many steps to prevent the Nook from being rooted. If this continues, I look forward to see what they can do with it. Right now you can get on the internet if you root it but what’s to say you can’t take it farther. I guess its up to the creativity of the hackers.

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