BlackBerry data services a no-go in North America

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BlackBerry According to reports from CrackBerry and other sources, data in BlackBerry’s across North America is said to be down and currently functioning as it should. Browsing the web and using data intensive apps are said to not be working, or working extremely slowly. However, more important services such as email is said to be still up and running. In addition, BlackBerry Messenger is said to be down as well.

Fortunately for BlackBerry users, only some carriers and some users are experiencing problems, not all BlackBerry users. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is going on since many BlackBerry’s on different networks are experiencing problems. Problems with BlackBerry data services seem to be an all too familiar occurrence for users, as another similar problem occurred just a few days ago.

If you own a BlackBerry, feel free to let us know what your situation is in the comments below. Stay tuned for any further developments

Via [CrackBerry]

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  • Otto

    My Blackberry data service has been down for over 24 hours. A call to support tells me that they have no idea when it will be back. This is service? Never had this problem with my iPhone….

  • Marcia

    Mine has been down all afternoon.
    No BBM, no MSN, no internet or emails. I guess I'll wait until morning to see if the problem is fixed.

  • andrew

    glad im not the only one i guess…..

    around 6pm everything data stopped working, email, internet, apps like twitter and fb, BBM


  • Otto

    Another day and still no service. Anyone know a number to call to get this fixed?

  • Otto

    As of 12/23/09 @ 9:00 AM EST, Blackberry is still down across the U.S. per AT&T. Their ticket # TT000012693195. No idea as to "fix" time as yet.