Outage ends but BlackBerry users remain outraged

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BlackBerry BlackBerry users were forced to deal with yet another outage-the second one in less than a week. The trouble began at around 7:00 Eastern time, bringing data services to a screeching halt. Email, Blackberry Messenger, web browsing and social media services were all affected. The outage was large, affecting all major carriers in North and South America. RIM released this statement confirming the outage:

“Some BlackBerry customers in the Americas are currently experiencing delays in message delivery,” said a recorded message on the BlackBerry support phone line. “Our technical teams are actively working to resolve this issue for those impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Service returned about 2:45am and as usual, they are refusing to give a reason for the problem.This is something that RIM must change. Two outages in a week is bad enough but their refusal to communicate with BB users and the secrecy surrounding the outages are completely unacceptable.

If the current activity on Twitter is any indication, BlackBerry users are mad as hell, and many say they aren’t going to take it anymore. Many have tweeted that they intend to dump their Blackberries for the iPhone or an Android phone. Still more hurled abuse, much of it laden with profanity, at RIM. There were also more than a few disturbing tweets from users who were apparently having severe difficulty living without their beloved berries. I guess that’s why it got the name CrackBerry!

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