Google Nexus One details fully emerge

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Chart outlining Nexus One specs

According to Engadget, some new important details have surfaced about the highly anticipated Google Nexus One phone. First off, it is said to be available by invite only, so it will probably be hard to obtain at first. The phone could be available as early as January 5th, and it is rumored to become available via T-Mobile at some point in the future.

In terms of specs, there were a few images leaked covering nearly all the specs about the Nexus One, and it is shaping up to be a pretty hot phone. There will be 4GB of memory on board in the form of microSD card, and it can be expandable up to 32GB, also there is 512MB of RAM and ROM. It features a large 3.7 inch touch screen, operates on Google Android 2.1, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5MP camera with flash, digital compass, and accelerometer. It can download at 7.2 Mbps and upload at 2Mbps. It uses a 3.5mm headphone jack so it can support conventional headphones, has only a few physical keys and a trackball, and it supports many audio and video formats. No word yet on battery life for the device.

It will be interesting to see how many more details about the phone such as pricing and availability come available in the next few weeks. But in terms of specs, the phone is pretty solid.

Via [Engadget]

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