Panasonic battery could power your home for a week

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Panasonic Lithium Ion Batter

Panasonic recently acquired an over 50% stake in Sanyo and one of the cool things they inherited from it is the opportunity/technology to manufacture a lithium-ion battery that could store enough power to keep your household running for a week, according to Panasonic. So for all you green-folks here ya go.

This battery stores the power generated by your solar panels or fuel cells, allowing you to keep watching your favorite shows into the night. Users will also be able to monitor electricity usage on a TV display; so you know when someone in your house is wasting electricity.

Fumio Otsubo, president of Panasonic, stressed that Panasonic and Sanyo have already tested such a battery. Otsubo stated, “We’re positioned closest [among firms] to realizing CO2 emission-free daily life.” Working together, Panasonic plans to speed up the development of such a battery.

Otsubo also stated that they will announce its basic ideas with regards to reorganizing the two firms’ growth strategies and overlapping product lines–such as large household appliances–on Jan. 8. More specific details will come in May.

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