Amazon Kindle gets hacked, ebook DRM is able to be stripped

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The main reason the I am not really interested in the Barnes & Noble nook is due to the fact that I have locked myself into the Amazon world in terms of ebook purchases. Of course, that is due to the DRM that comes with the Kindle ebook purchases. Honestly, its something that I have come to accept, but at the same time it would be nice to have the option to take my paid for, and legal content to a competing device.

That said, it looks like that may be one step closer to happening, but like many early hacks this one sounds better than in may actually be in real world settings.

Anyway, just recently, some Israeli hackers cracked the DRM that comes with those Kindle ebooks. And before anyone gets super excited, this is not yet available for anyone and everyone to use and enjoy. That and, in reality you are not really removing the DRM from the ebook, but more specifically you are removing the text from the ebook and converting that text into a PDF file that you can read on other devices.

So, while its not yet the perfect hack, it does seem to be off to a nice start. I wonder when we will see the next software update for the Kindle that will patch this exploit.

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  • Randy Giusto

    Unfortunately, the eReaders are all proprietary OS islands. They have not learned the lessons of the market nor is one brand strong enough to be the "Apple" of eReaders and able to build such a large proprietary base (or had an existing one like Apple does).

    However, the kids out there are getting around it, as a friend of mine pointed out…

    "all of the cool kids use python / perl scripts to rip DRM from purchased works. It's the only way to get everything on one reader that I know of…"