Samsung introduces the new CL80 digital camera featuring WiFi

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Samsung CL80 digital camera The recently announced Samsung CL80 digital camera comes with some pretty nice features and is set to be a high end camera when it is formally released. For starters, it comes with a 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen, 7x optical zoom, and 31mm wide angle lens.

The idea behind a 31mm lens is to allow photographers to take better pictures of a wider landscape, without having to back up to fit everything into the frame. The 14MP and the 7x optical zoom help to create sharper and better pictures while filling the image with crisp detail. In addition, the camera features Smart Auto 2.0 that helps to take better pictures by analyzing the surrounding environmental elements such as lighting, color, brightness, and motion. When taking these elements into consideration, Smart Auto 2.0 will take a better picture for those factors. Dual Image Stabilization is used in the CL80 to take blur-free images when there isn’t a tripod to use. It combats hand trembles in order to make a clear image. The video recording feature can record videos in HD, a 1280 x 720p resolution at 30 FPS. The HD videos are in H.264 format, which is a high quality HD format for videos. Lastly, the WiFi capability allows you to take a picture and video and instantly upload it or email it to the web.

Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or availability at this time.

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  • rock123

    The Samsung CL80 is a 14.2MP cameras with a 7x optical zoom and dual image stabilization. The CL80 features 3.7-inch wide screen WVGA AMOLED screen. The CL80 also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 720p video recording and an HDMI-out connection. The Samsung CL80 should be available in Spring 2010.

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  • rubenrubert

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