Full color e-readers for CES

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Paradigm Shift E-reader

E-readers seem to be the hot thing this season; evidenced by the amount of Kindle sales this season. But one company claims to be going on the offensive in this booming market. Paradigm Shift Sourcing and Manufacturing will introduce two e-readers during CES next month. One will have a 5-inch display and the other will have a 7-inch display. The kicker is that both of these readers will have high resolution, high contrast, full-color display.

But another cool thing is that they claim that these E-readers will be more than just E-readers. The 5-inch EER-051 will double as an MP3-player and photo viewer. It will come with 1GB of memory built-in, expandable with an SD expansion slot; and it will support many E-book formats including; ANSI, Unicode TXT, DOC, PDF, HTML, FB2, PDB and unprotected EPUB.

The 7-inch EER-071WF will have even more in it because it will run Windows CE with a full touchscreen display, built-in WiFi, and the ability to read DRM encrypted E-books. Paradigm Shift is calling this one more of a UMPC rather then just an E-reader because it will be able to use chat programs through E-buddy and be able to access and view videos on YouTube. It will also be able to read Microsoft Word and Excel files, PDF files, flash video and AAC, and MP3’s. It will have 2GB of memory built-in expandable by a microSD expansion slot.

The 5-inch version will come in a variety of colors including white, pastel blue, pastel periwinkle, pastel pink, black and silver and cost $150. But the 7-inch, more professional version it seems, will only come in black and white and cost $200. Paradigm Shift claims that the devices will begin shipping in late February.

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  • Cindy

    I am very impressed with the Paradigm Shift reader specs. I love the minimalistic design and rounded corners. The color screen looks incredible and it supports a nice list of file formats. Do you know who will be selling it? I cannot find the company website which I find a bit odd. The price of this reader is very reasonable and I think it will do very well indeed!