Google to sell Nexus One directly, T-Mobile to provide wireless services

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T-Mobile leaked screen shot

BGR managed to obtain a T-Mobile release which contains information on Google’s plan with the Nexus One. Instead of having various wireless companies sell the phone, Google will completely sell the handset via the web. If you decide to purchase the phone, you can then go to T-Mobile and they will provide the voice and data services.

In addition, the phone is set to be available in early January, presumably after CES 2010. Interestingly enough, Google alongside HTC plan to field all support questions, instead of T-Mobile. I guess that makes sense since they are the ones who designed all the hardware and probably know the device the best.

Now all we need to know is the pricing for such a phone and whether T-Mobile customers will be willing to flock to Google and pick up a Nexus One.

Via [BGR]

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