Seidio looking to profit off the Google Nexus One

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Google Nexus One Seidio accessories

Before the Google Nexus One has even touched a consumer’s hand, Seidio has announced they will be providing “the ultimate accessories.” Since Seidio has manufactured many accessories for BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Apple, and Samsung, we can assume the accessories they will create for the Nexus one to be of high quality, and useful.

While nothing has officially been announced yet, the accessories will probably be along the lines of screen protectors, travel chargers, desktop chargers, docks, and Bluetooth accessories. Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or availability, mainly because there is no exact retail date for the Nexus One yet. As soon as a date becomes available, I’m sure Seidio will post product pages with pertinent information for the various accessories they have planned.

It is interesting to note the timing of Seidioi announcing they will have the ultimate accessories for the Nexus One. They are letting the public know well ahead of the official launch date for the phone, which is early January. It seems as if Seidio is banking on the Nexus One to be very popular ensuring people will buy their accessories.

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    There are a lot of disappointed people over @ with regards to the pricing. It sounds to me like Google lost alot of good will with such a high unsubsidized price.

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