National Geographic selling their whole collection on a 160GB portable hard drive

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National Geographic on a 160GB HDD Since 1888, National Geographic has visited many strange, interesting, and exciting places, people, and animals on our planet. Within their published magazine, many people can enjoy nature and understand it through vivid pictures and informative texts. While that’s nice and realistic in the 20th century, but come on this is the 21st century, technology can do better than magazines.

Enter in the portable hard drive filled with National Geographic’s complete nature collection. A 160GB portable hard drive filled with all the high resolution images, and information that would normally be found in magazines. In addition, 100GB of the hard drive is free and available for personal use, but National Geographic could use that space for future content upgrades, so you can use it as you wish.

It is currently on sale for $199.95 and can be purchased from National Geographic’s online store.

Check it out [National Geographic] Via [Download Squad]

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