Singapore-based Gajah to release over 10 eBook Reader models in 2010

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Gajah eBook Readers

A Singapore-based eBook readers producer, Gajah International, will be launching over 10 new models in 2010. Building on their success with the EB-S601 eBook reader, Gajah wil be showcasing their new models at CES 2010. The EB-S601 is an eBook reader with a screen size of 6″. The soon-to-be released models will be sporting various screen sizes and specifications to meet the needs of a large group of demographics. Among the models include a colored eBook reader and eMagazine, although it is uncertain how the display of colour will affect the battery life of those readers.

Downloading eBooks onto eBook readers by Gajah will be via a proprietory Content Management & Delivery System (CMDS). It is unknown if this service involves any sort of recurring fees, or the kind of connectivity (WiFi, 3G, etc) this technology is based on. Perhaps more information will be available at their presentation booth at the CES.

Press Release:

Gajah International at CES 2010

Singapore, 29th Dec 2009- Since winning the recent iF Design Award China (International Forum Design) with its EB-S601 eBook reader, Gajah International’s participation at the upcoming CES 2010 shall be littered with anticipation as it showcases its arsenal of eBook reader designs.

Building on the success of EB-S601, which was first launched at the Hong Kong Electronics Show 2009- Spring Edition, Gajah is planning to launch no less than 10 new models for year 2010, with various screen sizes and specifications catering to the needs of the various segments of the market. The highlight in its stable looks set to be the colored eBook reader and eMagazine, although Gajah is quietly keeping the cards close to its heart at the point of this press release.

Started by group of young but passionate entrepreneur’s, Gajah is now working with its partners globally to harness the prowess of its proprietary CMDS (Content Management & Delivery System) to seamlessly deliver content in the form of articles, books, magazines and newspapers via its wide array of eBook readers. CMDS offers a one-stop solution in content delivery and is managed by Gajah Media International Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gajah International. With the CMDS, Gajah and its partners are able to offer to end-users a hassle-free experience of e-reading.

For more information about Gajah and its products and services, please visit us at :
International CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

Date: 7th- 10th Jan 2010
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center/
Booth: Las Vegas Hilton 43016

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