Sexting is bad, but thanks to LG’s PSA’s we can laugh about it

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Sexting is bad, but thanks to LG's PSA's we can laugh about it

Press conferences are generally hit or miss, well that may be a little nice, actually, in reality they tend to be on the dry side. You have an intro, another intro, maybe another into, learn about some previously successful products, then hopefully some new products and that is usually followed by the company telling us any awards they have received — either for a product or for themselves.

So naturally, when we get a little laugh, it makes the event just a little more fun. That said, LG shared some Public Service Announcements with us today, and despite it being a serious topic they were good for a few laughs.

So without anything further, go ahead and get a good chuckle out of a few PSA’s that were created to make teens and tweens more aware that they should not be sending naughty text messages, either in text or picture format.

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