Monster introduces the Jamz line

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Monster Lil' Jamz with ControlTalk

In addition to their expensive earphones that not everyone can afford, Monster today announced some more affordable earphones. The line is called Jamz, and according to Monster they are virtually indestructible.

The Jamz are made with a full metal enclosure which can make the earbuds a bit heavy, but gives it the indestructibility. To prove how hard it is to destroy the earphones, Monster showed off a video where they ran over a pari of Jamz with a six ton forklift. The Jamz will retail for $119, or $149 with ControlTalk (microphone and volume control). There is also the Lil’ Jamz which are more lightwieght, but will offer the same sound quality for a lower price: $99 or $119 with ControlTalk. The last addition the the Jamz line is the Mobile Jamz which includes a 2GB microSD card for your BlackBerry and several headphone adapters. The included card and software allows you to easily transfer media from iTunes to your BlackBerry.

While the Jamz are billed as indestructible, Monster has a plan in case you break them. To go along with Monster’s usual lifetime warranty, Monster will give you the second pair of earphones for free no mater how or why they break.

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