Seen at CES 2010: More Android than iPhone

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Android LogoDuring press day at CES 2010 a lot of people are glued to their phones. Between fiddling with cameras and laptops I looked around various rooms to see what kinds of phones people were using. I must say I was quite surprised with my preliminary results.

The majority of the crowd were using Android based phones followed by Blackberry, and the iPhone was coming up the rear. I’ve seen a nice mix of Android hardware including MyTouch 3G’s, European style HTC Hero’s, American style HTC Hero’s and even a Droid here and there. Sadly I haven’t seen anyone with the Nexus One although I’m sure there’s one looming around somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone still has a presence here but it’s not as dominating as I thought it would be. Perhaps users have multiple phones and AT&T’s service is less than stellar in Las Vegas. Perhaps Android is more prominent because it’s used by many hardware makers. Either way, it rules the day.

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