VIZIO unveils its line of TV accessory products

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VIZIO Remote

VIZIO has recently announced a whole slew of VIZIO-branded accessories to go with your VIZIO-branded HDTV. The XWH100 Wireless HDMI Adapter with 4-Port Switch makes HDMI wiring unnecessary in your HDTV lifestyle. It utilizes SiBEAM’s 60 GHz WirelessHD standard technology, allowing the freedom of mounting your HDTV virtually anywhere in your home! The four-port switch allows you to connect up to four source components connected using standard HDMI cables. It is capable of transferring A/V content up to 20 times faster than other standards-based wireless technologies. The wireless HDMI adapter is expected to be priced at $249.

VIZIO’s ultra-slim wall mount allow customers to place their HDTV at convenient locations while allowing adjustment, including flush, tilt, or full motion options to achieve the desired viewing angle. There are various models capable of mounting various sizes of HDTVs from 19” to 65” and up to 130 lbs. Prices vary from $98.99 to $199.99, most of which are to be released in March. The only model available now is the VMT40-55M Motorized Tilt Mount for 40” – 55” 105 lbs HDTVs, priced at $199.99.

There are 2 models of universal remote controls available from VIZIO. The XRT100 has a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen, allowing remote control of VIA-enabled television sets over Bluetooth 2.0. It also allows control of legacy A/V components. The VUR9M, available in March, sports an extensive IR code library, including VIZIO Blu-ray players and Soundbars, and has a snappy key learning feature that lets users copy their favorite keys from legacy remotes.

Other accessories announced are VIZIO’s XCH5 Series Ultra-Thin HDMI Cables, a HDMI 1.4 compliant cable, and VIZIO’s ECO Electronic Cleaning Foam which is safe to be used on all electronic devices.

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