VIZIO shows off its new High Definition Audio products

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VIZIO Slim Bar

VIZIO recently launched its lineup of HD Audio products, the VHT200 32” 2.0 HD Home Theater Sound bar, VHT212 2.1 HD Home Theater Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer, VHP100 Wireless Home Theater Headphones with iPod Dock and VHB100 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone.

The VHT200 2.0 HD Home Theater Sound bar features a 32″ design, that suitably fits the 32″ and 37″ HDTVs, while the VHT212 adds a wireless subwoofer and a wiresless iPod dock to the set. The iPod dock is even capable of pairing with VIZIO’s wireless headphones. The wireless subwoofer sound bars is able to support Dolby Digital audio and comes with a new remote control. The VHP100 Wireless Home Theater Headphones features active noise-cancellation, allowing uninterrupted entertainment. All of the home theater sound bars and wireless headphones support High Definition Wireless Audio (HDWA), allowing you audio access from anywhere in your home. Lastly, the VHB100 Bluetooth Headphones can be used for both music listening and a handsfree set for your cellphone.

Press Release: [VIZIO]

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