Plastic Logic shows off the Que reader

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Plastic Logic Que Reader

The Que Reader has been teased to us for almost too long it seems. The super thin, standard paper touchscreen reader seems to have been constantly looming in the horizon. Today at CES Que has finally taken the wraps off the reader.

As shown before, the Que is in fact super thin, and also quite lightweight, weighing in at just about a pound. It is quite expensive, even as ebook readers go, with the less expensive version coming in at $599.

The most interesting part about the Que, however, is the newspaper partnerships it has. With news sources including USA Today, The Detroit News, Huffington Post Wall Street Journal and others, the Que gives an actual interesting way to view the paper on an ebook reader. Each newspaper is given the chance to choose it’s own layout on the device, so papers can actually have their own unique style.

The Que will also read eBooks from the Barnes & Noble store, though the focus is largely on news sources and documents people have to read day by day. The idea being that with the Que, companies and individual users can cut down on the amount of paper wasted on documents that might need to be read only once, or read and edited.

A special thanks goes out to Energizer for supplying the Gadgetell crew with Energi To Go battery packs, which allowed us to keep our gadgets charged on the run and focus more on finding good stuff at CES and not having to worry about sitting next to a power outlet. For more information on the Energi To Go battery packs you can visit or visit them on Twitter at @energitogo.

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