CES Hands On: eReader to change the business world: Plastic Logic Que

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Plastic Logic Que looks perfect for the busy exec

Last night, we got some hands on with the Plastic Logic Que. The device is impossibly thin, the size of a sheet of paper and has 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi radios. The device is designed for executives and could make big inroads in the business world.

The device features a plastic un-shatterable screen that is extremely clear. The device looks pro, weighs little and should have no issue fitting into any carry on laptop bag. We were impressed with the device and believe you will be too.

The Que taps into Barnes and Noble’s eReader bookstore and will have a focus on business reading. The Que is also designed to be a paperless breifcase – replacing reams of papers executives carry around. The Que features annotating tools as well as editing right on the device.

If there are any downsides to the innovative device it would be performance seemed a little laggy. Once the user tapped on a selection a few seconds seemed to go by before action was taken. It’s a small gripe on a device that just looks gorgeous.

The Que is priced at $649 for a 4GBl with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, and $799 for an 8GB that adds 3G wireless service from AT&T.

Company site: [Plastic Logic]

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