CES Hands On: Case Mate adds customization for iPhone cases

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case mate imakemycase custom cases for the iphone

In a sea of boring cases, (really, CES is full of booths with nothing but bejeweled iPhone cases -zzzzz) Case Mate is taking an innovative step forward. Their newly launched site, will allow users to create their own personal case that is created for them at the Case Mate warehouse and shipped. Users can get get quite creative.

By creating their own personal case, users can choose background colors, add in designs created by artists and use effects to get nutty. Or if users are not feeling the creative juices flowing, they can choose from several commissioned artist created cases.

All in all the site is attractive and making something that is just yours will help your iPhone stand out in a sea of clones.

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  • JaminATL

    The irony being that the case mate site is entirely flash and therefore not viewable on my iPhone.

    Arghhhhhhh. Will we ever get flash support?