Otterbox builds co-injection case for Pre

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Otterbox shows off co-injected case at CES 2010

At CES, among other things, Otterbox showed off the first of their new co-injected plastic Tandem cases. The case is made with two different types of plastic – a hard shell for protection and a softer plastic that feels more like a non-slip grip. The first Tandem case is for the Palm Pre.

For the moment, it doesn’t look like the case allows Touchstone charging, which makes it a non started for many users. The Touchstone inductive charging system for the Palm Pre gets high marks from us and never attaching the device via cable is a big plus to many of the users. Having a case that doesn’t allow for inductive charging is a bit of a let down. We’ve got a call into Otterbox about this and if there will be a Touchstone friendly version. We’ll pass that along when we get a response.

Otterbox shows off co-injected case at CES 2010

Touchstone compatibility questions aside, the case felt very nice in hand. The soft-touch plastic made it much easier for me to open the device. The Tandem didn’t add a lot of bulk and looked to add some decent protection. Kudos to Otterbox for launching the series with the Pre, that’s a bold move in itself.

The Tandem is coming later this year at an undetermined price.

Company site: [Otterbox]

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