CF cards strike back with a 128GB CF card by Silicon Power

Sections: Peripherals, Storage

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Silicon Power Just when you thought CF cards will become obsolete soon and be replaced with SD cards, Silicon Power took its liberty to announce a world’s first 128GB 400X CF card. SD cards which currently have a maximum capacity of 32GB or 64GB pale in comparison with this 128GB CF card. You need not worry about storage issues the next time you snap pictures on your DSLR. The 128GB 400X CF card by Silicon Power boasts a write speed of up to 90MB/sec, delivering astounding performance for your devices using CF cards. Silicon Power offers a lifetime warranty for this card, demonstrating their degree of confidence in the quality of their products. Although pricing information isn’t out yet, get ready to burn a hole in your wallet if you decide to buy it.

Press Release [Silicon Power] Via [Ubergizmo]

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