Conan O’Brien puts Tonight Show up for sale on Craigslist

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Conan O'Brien The ugly mess known as NBC late night has taken an interesting turn of events. Conan O’Brien, who has so far refused to agree to NBC’s request that he move to the 12:05 timeslot in order to accommodate Jay Leno, announced on Wednesday’s show that he has put the Tonight Show up for sale on Craiglist. The ad has been confirmed-it was found in Craigslist’s Los Angeles section. Check out this video for the details:

The mess began on Sunday when NBC announced it was canceling the Jay Leno Show in response to angry affiliates who say it was a poor lead in to the late news and cost them millions in ad revenue. The network asked O’Brien to move to 12:05am so that Leno could move to the 11:35 spot. He refused. Some sources say Leno’s deal with the network is set and O’Brien will soon be fired, others claim he’s headed for Fox.

The net has taken up O’Brien’s cause in a big way. A Facebook group supporting him has sprung up and currently has almost 160,000 members. Twitter is buzzing with debate over who should go, O’Brien or Leno, and thousands of Facebook users have changed their profile photos to Conan O’Brien icons to show their support.

One thing is for sure, no matter how this turns out, late night TV is never going to be the same again.

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