Verizon announces changes in wireless plans

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Verizon Wireless

Rumor has been going around lately that Verizon Wireless was about to change up its wireless plans. Looks like Verizon is tired of the rumors, and has issued a press release detailing the changes that are about to go in effect on Monday January 18. The changes are mixed, some being welcome changes, some seeming to almost be a step backwards in terms of customer relations.

The first big change for Verizon is the introduction of new Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Talk & Text plans. The plans will cost $69.99 and $89.99 per month, respectively. Those plans will allow for unlimited calling to anyone, and unlimited texting to anyone, possibly eliminating the annoying calling bubbles the current plans provide. The family plans for each will cost $119.99 for Unlimited Talk and $149.99 for Unlimited Talk & Text, which includes the first two lines.

Verizon is also decreasing the price of it’s Unlimited Data plans, bringing it down to $29.99 rather than the current $44.99 for unlimited data usage. However, there is also what could be a small problem with the data plans. Verizon has decided that any phone it deems a “3G Multimedia” phone now requires a $9.99 per month data fee. The fee includes only 25 MB of data which is a bit of a joke. The phones include the Samsung Alias 2, LG enV3, LG Chocolate Touch, Motorola Entice, and Nokia Twist. So basically, Verizon’s most popular feature phones now require an extra $10 charge per month for data most users probably won’t want from them. Data plans make sense on smartphones, but putting them on feature phones that have 3G, but are more likely going to be used for texting might make those cheap Sprint or T-Mobile plans look more enticing.

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