Projection-screen is the new touchscreen. Or at least Dell seems to think so

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Dell Froot Concept

Everyone wants a touchscreen right now. You’ve got your iTouch’s, phones, monitors, laptops, eReaders, tablets, etc… But Dell knows the future. And the future is projection.

Ok not really… Albeit being a cool idea, it’s also a unnecessary one; but Dell, with its Froot Concept, wants to show you anyway. The Froot sports two projectors, one on the front for the keyboard and another on the back for the display. Where this leaves the mouse, I’m not sure. Maybe the back projector will be able to sense your touches like the front one or maybe it will be able to read our minds, it is a concept after-all.

Besides the “interesting” design, it’s the keyboard that kills it for me. We’ve seen projection keyboards before and this one doesn’t change my feelings for them. Physical keyboards are elevated for a reason. Have you read that giant disclaimer on the back of your keyboard? Let me summarize, “something something something can cause physical injury if not used properly”; meaning, carpal tunnel syndrome in the more common cases. To prevent that, you elevate the keyboard, but you can’t do that when there is no keyboard to elevate.

It’s a cool idea. But it just isn’t working for me. I really hope that these projector keyboard ideas don’t go much farther or get more popular.

Read [Behance Network] Via [Gizmodo]

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