Gadgetell Review: Speck PixelSkin case for the Zune HD

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Gadgetell Review: Speck PixelSkin case for the Zune HD

Despite the fact that this will further brand me as a Zune lover and open me up for even more ridicule from from fellow Gadgetell bloggers, I will go on with this review as planned…

What is being reviewed?

Up for review is a PixelSkin case for the Zune HD, which is made by Speck. The PixelSkin for the Zune HD is available in black (as shown in the images) and retails for $24.95.

My thoughts

What can I really say? Its a case and it protects my Zune HD. But to add just a little to that thought, I would say that the PixelSkin case works well. It is easy to slip on and off, and also still allows the user to easily use the on/off button (on top) as well as the side volume controls and the dock connector and headphone jack along the bottom. Basically, the case offers protection without sacrificing any features of the Zune HD. But in addition, the case is made out of a soft rubbery material and has the pixel look, which adds a little thickness, but also some grip. Personally I found that useful while running and holding the Zune HD in my hand. Plus, I felt just a little better knowing that should I trip and fall, which would cause my Zune HD to go flying that it was well protected.

The bottom line

I like the protection it offers, I like the look and I like the price. And with that I would not hesitate to recommend the Speck PixelSkin case for the Zune HD.

Product [Speck Products]

Disclosure: The case that I reviewed was provided to me by Speck.

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