Boxee announces Payment Platform for release in summer

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Boxee Box

The Boxee Box has always promised to bring the best content we can find on our computers in one slick interface on a TV. That’s what Boxee has been doing since it’s inception, and the result so far has been great. Aside from content streamed over the Internet for free, there hasn’t been a lot of legal ways to get of content using the software, though it looks like that could change this summer.

Boxee has announced it’s upcoming Payment Platform, an easy way to purchase content for your Boxee set-up. Using the platform users will be able to buy channels, shows, movies or pay-per-view. The content will be controlled by the content partners, with Boxee taking a small cut of the profits (said only to be less than standard 30 percent). The goal of the platform is to make the Internet the fourth major method of delivering premium content (the other three being cable, satellite and IPTV).

The Payment Platform is said to be simple, requiring only one click on the remote. There are no partners announced yet, though Boxee does mention that is in talks with content providers both large and small. If the company can manage to get a large number of content providers, or at least interesting ones, the Boxee Box could become an even better replacement for a cable subscription when it is released.

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