Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is now officially released

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Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 3.6 has finally arrived a few hours ago! You can go on and update your browsers to version 3.6 now. I’ve had some issues with addons incompatibilities, such as the IEtab, but everything else is fine so far. I’ve noticed a slight improvement in performance since updating my Firefox.

Just to recap, Firefox 3.6 offers the all-new Personas feature, where you can switch themes without restarting the browser, a plugins updater (a security feature; outdated plugins such as the Adobe Flash Player may contain security holes), improved stability (less crashes from usage of third party software), improved performance (better Javascript performance, browser responsiveness and browser startup time), and the “world’s best implementation” of HTML5 audio and video support.

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    it is good information for every internet user so that they can make use of it this new version.