Geo-location meets the Dating Game: Urban Signals smartphone app

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urban signals geo location meets the dating gameMany folks navigate the urban landscape with their heads down, interacting with the smartphone. Now thanks to Urban Singles, those folks might be scanning the area for dates that meet their profile in a mash up of geo-location, online-dating, and social networking. It seems the day when you could walk down the street looking for love on your smartphone is here.

By seeing the location, status and “mood” of singles of interest nearby, users can avoid all those missed connections Craigslist is so full of. The founder of the company behind the application struggled with singles in the city and “I didn’t know what the answer was, but I knew it would have to break down that ‘urban armor’ that discourage singles from approaching someone they found attractive or intriguing,“ says Aubree Nichols, founder and CEO of Urban Signals.

Based on your GPS location, interests and other filtered criteria, possible connections are presented. Users can send “signals” to these possible targets, er connections, to say hello, express interest or meet up. Urban Signals provides a 1-month free trial with unlimited Signals, after which they can be purchased for $4.99 for a pack of unlimited Signals per month.

The site already has an app in for the iPhone and Android and BlackBerry are coming soon.

Company site: [Urban Signals]

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