T-Mobile makes doubleTwist the official sync app for its Android phones

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With Android quickly gaining popularity, the perceived downfall between Android phones and the iPhone are becoming more apparent. Some will take some time to overcome, as with the app situation, though others are a quick fix. There’s always the argument for the iPhone that it can sync all the media on the device with iTunes. There is still no official sync option for all Android phones, but T-Mobile looks to be pushing doubleTwist.

The doubleTwist installer comes preloaded with the myTouch 3G Fender LE, and is now T-Mobile’s official Android sync application. DoubleTwist, for those who don’t know, can access all unprotected media and playlists in iTunes, and provides an in-app storefront for the Amazon MP3 store. The application works on both Macs and PCs and will convert media in Android-friendly formats. It makes syncing just as easy as it is for the iPhone, though without the app syncing.

There’s no word on how T-Mobile plans on distributing doubleTwist outside of the myTouch 3G Fender LE, though it will somehow be incorporated with all Android phones on the network going forward. The move could potentially help T-Mobile convince more users to switch over to Android. There’s no mention on if T-Mobile would be able to include doubleTwist into the Nexus One, though doubleTwist does support the phone. That would really help make some people switch.

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