Texting while driving a bus or a truck is officially banned in the U.S

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Texting while driving a bus

In a move that does not seem too surprising, a law was passed banning texting while driving either a bus or truck across America. Back in December, a law was passed banning texting while driving a government vehicle, so it is no surprise that buses and trucks were the next vehicles. This law will be effective immediately and it carries a hefty fine of $2,750. If being safe is not a good enough reason to stop texting when driving, then perhaps the monetary costs will deter drivers.

While it may seem like common sense, a research study was conducted and it found drivers of buses and trucks who text when driving are putting themselves at higher risk for accidents during the time their eyes are focusing on the cell phone screen. In addition, the National Safety Council finds 200,000 of all car crashes are caused by someone texting.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a law was passed banning texting in any car, since it does pose a significant safety risk to not only you, but those around you.

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  • Jonathan Reese

    I think the new law is aimed at persuading fleets of the scariest vehicles on the road to drive safer.

  • Al Lopez

    I'm glad the Department of Transportation did something to stop texting while driving, but there should be a nation wide ban for all drivers. People don't seem to get how dangerous it is to drive and focus on text messaging at the same time. An email or text message is not worth your daughter/mother/spouse's life. Any responsible driver should pull over or at least consider a hands-free texting application like TextnDrive ( While those applications don't eliminate the problem, they at least try to reduce the distraction.

  • Samer Habbas

    Yes, texting would really divert your mind while driving. I hope accident will decrease in numbers after this act :)