Samsung goes green with the EcoGreen F3EG 2TB HDD

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Samsung EcoGreen F3EG 2TB HDD

Samsung has just updated its EcoGreen HDD line with a new green hard drive called the EcoGreen F3EG, boasting a massive capacity of 2TB with a 3Gbps SATA interface and 16MB or 32MB buffer memory. It has 4 platters of 500GB each, totaling up to its 2TB capacity.

What’s green about this HDD is that it features low-power consumption, low-noise, and an eco-friendly design which meets environmental regulations including RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Samsung claims that the hard drive uses 40% less power in idle mode and 10% less power in read/write mode than competing drives. Although there isn’t much difference in power usage when in read/write mode, every bit helps in going green. The F3EG also features Samsung’s proprietary technologies such as SilentSeek and NoiseGuard to achieve quiet operation. The F3EG is available for $179.99.

Via [SlashGear]

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