Microsoft investigating battery problems in notebooks running Windows 7

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Many Windows 7 users are complaining about the severe loss in battery life in their notebooks after only a few weeks. Cases like a previous battery life of two hours cutting down to 30 minutes or less are common. Other cases involve their notebook actually telling them they need a new battery after upgrading to 7, even though Vista said it was fine. Many complaints similar to those above have been put onto Microsoft’s TechNet forum; and Microsoft has decided to investigate into this problem.

So far, Microsoft’s only reasoning for these problems is compatibility issues with its hardware. A spokesman from Microsoft states that it might be a problem in communication between the BIOS and Windows as that is where 7 gets all of its data on battery life. Other than that though, no official cause has been found. But Microsoft did state that as soon as one was found, they would update the community on their TechNet forum.

Be sure to check back for more information regarding this issue.

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