Google gives Android a disadvantage? Ups security for Apps on iPhone, WinMo

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Google adds security to apps, just not for androidTo make their products more appeasing to IT security mangers, Google has added some security to their Google Apps. Google is looking to provide a similar security experience to Microsoft’s Exchange. These changes make smartphones accessing company data much more secure.

The new security settings allow IT admin to add layers of security to smartphones that access company data. Google has given power to the IT department to remote wipe, enforce password protection, style and size, and lock devices when idle. IT will be able to push these requirements out to users devices.

Initially, the only supported devices will be iPhones, Windows Mobile and Nokia E series. No word on BlackBerry yet though Android and Nexus One were mentioned to have “similar features” soon. Premier and educational users should start to see these features added today. Admin can access these settings from the Mobile tab in the Google Apps dashboard.

Read [Google] via [VentureBeat]

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