Michael Jackson to sell Samsung 500GB external drive

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Samsung S2 HDD featuring Michael Jackson's This is It

If you live in Europe, are a fan of Michael Jackson and need a storage device, check out the new Samsung S2 Portable HDD. This special edition external drive is preloaded with Michael Jackson’s “This is It”, timed with the release of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc release on February 22nd. Samsung did not release the price.

Keen to help users building a movie collection on their PCs, the 500GB drive connects via USB. Interestingly, Samsung seems to orient it’s product for those building content libraries they’d rather keep hidden, with the addition of “SecretZone™ that encrypts and stores data on a virtual drive as well as SafetyKey™, a powerful data-security function that offers dual data protection through a password.” It seems like some high-powered protection for keeping the Star Wars saga safe.

The unit is quite brazen in gold with the “This is It” logo silhouette featured prominently on top.

A quick check online finds you can find a similar non-special edition Samsung S2 HDD for as low as $69.99. We’d suspect the special edition would be just a bit higher.

Company site: [Samsung] via Press Release: [BusinessWire]

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