Google to introduce potential Twitter/Facebook competition

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Google Google’s Gmail has been the king of e-mail for several years now. But new means of communication through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook have eliminated a lot of the social communication that e-mail once had. Let’s all be honest it’s 10x easier to DM your friend on Facebook and Twitter because you are already on them and it doesn’t require you to look at all of the work in your inbox.

However, it has now been reported that Google plans to try and win back that social aspect that e-mail used to have. A new plugin for Gmail will implement an interface similar to your Facebook news stream or Twitter stream, containing updates about people they choose to connect with. This stream, I assume, will contain various types of status updates directly from the users, as well as the updates from various other Google services such as Picasa and Youtube.

This new update’s success really all depends on if people will be willing to mix work with pleasure again. E-mail inboxes have notoriously become a pain to filter through and trying to now make a “fun” experience out of it is like your parents telling you to make a game out of cleaning your room when you were little.

As for me, I’ll probably use it. And since Google already owns all of my contacts as well as just about everything on the web, I figure handing them my social life is no big deal.

Read [Wall Street Journal] Via [The Next Web]

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