Rumor: All Amazon Prime customers to get a free Kindle

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The last time we heard rumblings about a free Kindle, it was really nothing more than a gimmick that allowed select “pre-qualified customers” to purchase a Kindle and then request a refund should they not like it. The gimmick here was that, once they admitted they did not like the Kindle, they were still allowed to keep it. Strange perk considering you hated it enough to want a refund. Anyway, this latest offer seems to be a little more legitimate. Of course, at this point it is nothing more than the word of a “reliable source” of TechCrunch.

But putting that aside, the story suggests that Amazon is looking for a way to give ALL Amazon Prime customers a free Kindle. The catch here is that Amazon is said to still be working on a way to do that without losing a bunch of money.

As far as Amazon Prime, for those unfamiliar, it it a subscription service that costs $79 per year and allows customers to always get two day shipping for free.

The theory here is that if they give a free Kindle to those customers they can make up for any upfront loss with future purchases. The part that makes me question this is that regular Kindle readers may not need Amazon Prime. Personally, I have been reading about 2 or 3 books per month on my Kindle. By itself that is a decent amount, but I also do not need the free shipping perk that comes with Amazon Prime because I use the Kindle for delivery.

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