Verizon may announce Skype phones at MWC

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Verizon Skype If the report over at Business Week were to be believed, Verizon may very well be announcing new Skype-supported phones at the Mobile World Congress on Tuesday. Verizon announced that they will be holding a joint press conference at the MWC next week. What else could they be announcing apart from release of new Skype phones? Nowadays people are making fewer traditional voice minutes-based calls, and with the up rise of VoIP, it is perfectly reasonable for Verizon to let customers utilize their 3G data plans for Skype calls.

Verizon isn’t the only carrier looking to support Skype phones. AT&T will be opening up support for VoIP services on Apple iPhones as well, and Skype is currently working on an updated iPhone app which should be ready real soon. Let’s just wait for the MWC next week to see what they have in store for us.

Read [Business Week] Via [Gizmodo]

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  • NookSurfer

    Doesn't Skype have an app for the iPhone? It doesn't seem like Skype is being exclusive to Verizon so I don't find this THAT big of a news.