Google Goggles gets closer to reading text

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Google Goggles

At the Mobile World Congress, Google decided it was going to outsmart every company in attendance and take a step towards a truly amazing technology. Google Goggles, the visual search app developed by Google, has been making its rounds around Android users with mixed reviews. But this next prototype is sure to make things even more complicated.

Eric Schmidt himself showed off the new prototype of Google Goggles that will allow the user to take pictures of text and literally scan it into the phone. This will allow for easy translation, note-taking, and all around fun way to keep up with things. Of course there is always be that barrier that is created with the quality of the camera that is taking this picture and the accuracy of the scanner. But that is not the point. This technology is what would be considered futuristic in my book. It won’t be long until we will be able to travel overseas with a personal translator in our pockets.

The entire process is a bit technical, of course. But Google has managed to create a machine translation technology to work in junction with the image recognition already on the Google Goggles software. Google is making sure that this new technology will be criticized around its campus before releasing the update, and, for that reason, the release date is shady at best. Meanwhile I can not wait to get my hands on it.

Read [The Official Google Blog] Via [Mashable]

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  • Diego

    Impressive, we demoed that in MWC already in 2007.