Google Calendar gets some love from Google’s design team

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New Google Calendar

Google Calendar hasn’t exactly received much attention from the interface design team for quite some time now. Apart from the occasional new labs features, the interface has gone through a stagnant period until recently when screenshots of an upcoming UI face lift began to surface.

Most of the changes are really just cosmetic updates, but these minor updates make the entire app look much more modern. The navigational text links are now replaced with silver buttons, much like the ones used in other Google apps. Also, there’s a new worldwide clock feature added into the UI. While you could previously add this feature via labs, the worldwide clock now displays by default. The calendar itself received some minor changes, which resulted in a cleaner and sleeker look. From what I can see, Google’s new calendar UI cuts down on unnecessary screen real estate wastage.

The interface changes you see in the screenshots are just internal builds as of now, however, Google may roll out these updates very soon. Here’s a screenshot of the old Google Calendar interface (below) for you to compare with the new screenshot:

Old Google Calendar

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  • chinku

    Its really great to heart about the change , the calendar looks more colorful and attractive..