Google Shopper on Android helps shoppers make smart decisions

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Google Shopper

Just recently, Google announced Google Googles, an augmented reality-like software where you can point your Android-based smartphone camera to an object and it will tell you what that object is, be it a book, a landmark, or even translation of a foreign language.

Fresh out of Google Mobile Labs, the Google Shopper works pretty much like Goggles, except that the Shopper focuses on, well, shopping. When you point your camera to a product, it searches the web for that product and returns price lists, reviews, specs and more. It can also scan for barcodes if you ever need a more specific search. Let’s say you don’t have the product with you but you want to search for it, you can use Voice search to tell your Android smartphone to search it for you. It is also possible to store your search history, favorites and even share your favorite products with your friends via Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and various other instant messaging clients.

Head over to the Android Market and search for “Google Shopper” to get the latest release! You can also scan the QR code below this post to download the app.

Google Shopper QR Code

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  • NookSurfer

    Pretty interesting application. It seems like it works better than some of the ones that Apple offers. This one seems like it does more than just scan the bar code.