Energy now conquered by Google

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Google Energy Google is notoriously known for owning just about everything about anyone (searches, email, documents, instant messenger, etc.), but they are not even close to feeling satisfied.

Google no doubt has its hand in more than just personal data on all of its servers, however, energy has always been an interest. In fact they have an entire section of their website dedicated to displaying their work in make the world just a little bit greener.

If you visit their site, you will notice that Google has been making little steps to making both their servers more efficient to making plug-in hybrid cars. In fact, in 2007, Google released RE<C, an initiative to discovering a renewable energy source cheaper than coal.

However impressive and satisfying this must be for the eco-friendly Google user, Google has its sights set higher. Rather than being happy with their company’s reduced carbon footprint, Google has decided to try selling the energy. Having already applied and been granted the authority to “buy and sell energy in bulk…” by The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission(FERC).

This does not necessarily mean consumers will soon be able to power their house with “Google Power.” But instead, allows Google to better manage their own energy consumption.

Read [CNET Via Engadget]

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    No wonder that they are able to conquer every aspect of human life especially energy and banking.